Our History

In 2008, our parent company, FloDesign, received a US Navy funded SBIR grant to research and design a new integral suppressor system for the M4 platform. The DaVinci Arms suppressor uses similar technologies to prior FloDesign products. FloDesign specializes in fluid dynamics and acoustics as evidenced by their Hushkit design for Gulfstream jets, shrouded wind and water turbines, and use of ultrasonic acoustic filtration. The Hushkit and wind and water turbines utilized FloDesign’s patented mixer ejector technology to achieve higher performance with lower noise. It was this very technology that was incorporated into our suppressor system in the form of a ‘modified mixer-ejector technology’ (MMET) which reduced the sound, recoil and flash. After completing the SBIR grant, additional suppressors and accessories were designed.

In 2015, DaVinci Arms was formed to make these products  available to the commercial market. We seek to continually push the boundaries of firearms design and development and provide our customers with high quality parts for mission critical applications.